Mia Fey was a protection legal professional recognized for her undying perception in her clients. She started out at Grossberg Legislation Places of work, then eventually produced her possess prison protection legislation agency, Fey & Co. Regulation Places of work.

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She was Phoenix Wright’s boss and mentor, and she left her company to him right after her loss of life at the fingers of Redd White. Her younger sister Maya served as Wright’s assistant throughout his legislation career.

Mia was born into a distinguished household of spirit mediums referred to as the Fey clan. She grew up witnessing the rivalry among her mother, Misty Fey, and her aunt, Morgan Fey, who was following in line to be the Grasp of Kurain Village.


On December 28, 2001, protection attorney Gregory Edgeworth was fatally shot whilst trapped in an elevator with his son Miles and a court docket bailiff named Yanni Yogi. Lacking in clues, the police resorted to obtaining Misty Fey channel the target, who pointed to Yogi as the killer.


Nevertheless, Yogi was identified not criminally responsible in court docket. This incident disgraced the Kurain tradition, and Misty, possessing been considered a fraud, disappeared.


Ultimately, Misty usurped her older sister’s situation by way of her excellent ability in the Kurain Channeling Method. Mia did not want to have such enmity with her own tiny sister Maya, preferring a near sibling partnership.


One working day, she was caught trying to piece together the Sacred Urn of Ami Fey with Maya. A image was taken of the function and placed within the Kurain Talisman, which Misty wore as the Master.


Many years later on, Mia remaining the village and forsook her situation as heir in get to grow to be a law firm and discover out what experienced actually happened in the course of that incident.


Mia remaining Maya underneath Morgan’s care, alongside with Morgan’s very own daughter Pearl. Despite seemingly abandoning the life of a spirit medium, Mia continued to put on a magatama until finally her dying.


Although in legislation faculty, Mia befriended Lana Skye, who would afterwards turn out to be a law enforcement detective and then the Main Prosecutor. Following graduating, Mia became a protection legal professional operating below Marvin Grossberg.


Ultimately, by holding an viewers with the useless, she discovered that Grossberg experienced bought details about her mother’s involvement in the DL-6 Incident to Redd White, who had subsequently leaked the info to the push.

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