If there is anything universal in the world, it has to be the male’s incapability to suppress their deepest desires.

In truth, animals are more honest than humans. If they see what they want, they grab it and never let go. He uses his strength to have the prey submit to his whims and his need for unquenchable pleasure.


Humans developed reason. Thanks to my blood relative: Satan. In essence, God was on the right path; man can keep on dominating women and they would willingly submit to the call of ecstacy.

But my old man just had to prove himself to another old man.

In turn, life has become boring. Once, I had that pleasure.


Gabriel was once the most honest angel of all angels during my time up there. When he wanted to, he would grab me by my neck and completely consume me.

The best thing about it is that it was all permitted. When our two fathers still had their wits abound, nobody was “sinful.” In fact, everybody had what they wanted so much and the Fathers gave us the power to reset any feeling so pleasures do not get old in sensation and touch.

But that was like a dream thousands of years ago. The two Fathers had to wage a war and created this plane of existence’s first and biggest divide: heaven and hell.

Thanks for that, dad.

Endless battles had forced me to say goodbye to Gabriel, the mighty Michael, Raphael, and others. They had pleasured me, and no others can pleasure me as they had. Yet, because of these celestial politics, I had to end their existence.

Everyone has to take sides at some point. And I had to take my own side. Satan gave me a power I couldn’t refuse: to transform into any man’s desire.


I longed for the carnal pleasures of my being. I had long forgotten the capabilities of heaven’s archangels; no man is capable of satisfying my desires that in the end, their blood only served to nourish me.

After the Holy War that sealed my father into the deepest abyss south of heaven, one of his warrior sons had escaped the power of heaven. He vowed never to interfere once again between any Holy conflict at all costs.

Vlad Tepes Dracula disavowed dad. While I haven’t officially disavowed Satan, Dracula asked me to join him and live a life away from the Holy conflicts that were not truly our fault.

And that’s how I ended up like a local folklore to scare young children into sleeping early. I hunt men during the night for my pleasure and nourishment. Dracula told me to never show myself or interact with humans. He said we had to stay out of heaven or hell’s sight by living unassuming lives or at least staying hidden.

Funny how that piece of irony struck him in the end.

My brother ended up falling in love with a human. As a Count of the province feared by the people similar to my existence hunting down the human males for pleasure and dominance, a curious and open-minded woman named Lisa caught the heart of the once-unstoppable demon that defeated heaven’s mightiest archangels.

I understood him. He was becoming lonely. He was always deeply involved in studying. I couldn’t understand any of it. The fun part was when he asks me to bring some live prey, sometimes women, to him so he could study the humans inside and out.


He never mentioned to me a goal. However, I think his appearance as a peddler selling some medicine in a diseased town helped cure them of their disease. Maybe he did it for himself and my sake because we needed healthy human blood to survive. You want to fatten the pigs before you eat them.

During the time the humans he helped save in the countless cities he visited burned Lisa condemning her as something indifferently evil in their religion, Dracula called for me in their humble home which he always warned me never to show myself.


He told me in a year, he would recruit armies from dad’s defectors and supplement them with the research that allowed him to raise a supplementary army of the undead and tortured souls.

Because of the good life he has given me for thousands of years, I have no choice but to ally myself with him. It also meant I had to fight, which was burdensome.

As I exited, his half-human son who looked just like him stared at me. He knew I swore my allegiance. He didn’t speak, and entered their home. Must be hard to have a family and even raise a boy.


After a year, he made good on his promise and summoned his ancient impenetrable fortress from the depths of Hell. It would also seem all of Hell did not like dad’s management anymore and joined on the fun.

The undead army slaughtered humans quickly. I somehow didn’t like having competition especially when mindless imps and zombies kept tearing away the good-looking potent men I wanted for myself. But, I had to add to the merciless rampage because I had to respect my brother’s wishes. Vengeance or not, I owe him this much.

When the world was quiet and a red sky of monsters flew in the vastness of this world, I grew tired of fighting. I resigned in the ancient fortress’ quarters Dracula had given me. It was still sad to think that there are no more males in this world; most of them are in hiding now. The excitement of the nightly hunts was something nostalgic to me now. I always have a knack for never appreciating what I had until it’s gone.

It was then that I felt a strong familiar presence about to enter my chamber. It was Alucard; I knew he would try to stop his father. I do not hate Lisa or humans, but it pains me to have to fight my nephew. But I sensed two others alongside him. Two powerful beings.

Upon their entrance, one was a female. Psh.

But the other was interesting.

He had a strong aura. He looked powerful. I knew he knew his physical and spiritual limits. I had to know his name.

“Succubus!” Alucard looked at me.


I haven’t heard my name spoken in years by a man. It was refreshing.

I transformed into his mother, Lisa upon appearing before him.

“Alucard!” This voice was unfamiliar to me. You never get used to being someone else, even as a superbeing.

His eyes softened for one second, then transformed.


“You wretch!” He pointed his blade at me. “Do not stain my mother’s image!”

“But, do you not like that you can live your years with your mother forever?” I said.

“Your aunt will always be there for you. Just say you’ll stay with me!”


I transformed back into my original. My wings expanded. I felt the wind brush my face and hair. Indeed, I am the most beautiful of the underworld. I am the female apex predator of Hell itself.


“Temptress,” Alucard said. “Stand aside. I want my Father’s head. This has to stop!”

I sighed.

“He fights for your mother, Alucard. Why do you intend to stop him?”

“Because my mother wouldn’t want this to happen to her world!”

Family conflicts are really, really difficult. So glad demons can’t bear offspring.

“Unfortunately, your father has done a great deal for me and has my loyalty. You will have to stop right here.”

Alucard was to reach for his blade when the human wearing a cape, dark armour, and carrying a whip and pouches approached him.

“You must go. Leave this to me.”

Alucard looked at his companion. He nodded.

“Be careful. She’s a temptress.”

“You think I haven’t had my share?”

Alucard looked at him in disgust. “Sypha, let’s go!”

“No, you cannot pass just —“

I just dodged a near-encounter with a powerful smack of a whip and three silver knives heading straight for my wings.

The young beautiful man with brawn and brains looked at me.

“I’m the one you’re going to deal with first.”

I smiled. A proud prey worth winning over. This’ll be fun.

“So.. indeed.

“I haven’t had a dance like this in thousands of years.” I walked slowly to him. “Make it worth my while.”

The years without battle had reduced my fighting capabilities. I could barely hold up against this man. He is powerful. He is potent.


He is getting me excited.

“You… you are strong.” I smiled, wiping blood off my face. My wings and body were aching, but I still had fight left in me.

“I haven’t met a man as strong as you. It makes me feel excited!”

The man smiled. “Glad to hear that. Because it’ll be the last time you’ll be excited!”

I dodged the smack of his whip. However, he proved quick-witted more than anything. A broken vial of blue water spread under my feet. The sensation burned me. I tried to fly away, yet I dropped down, like a fly with weakened wings.

“Hmph.” He said, mockingly. “Too bad you’re not a match for me, sweetheart.”

“They said gentlemen do not hit women.” I said, weakly, with small laughter.

“Will you not finish me?”


He looked back. “This is one kindness I can give you. Promise me you will never harm any of my companions again, and my brethren will never harm you.”

“Why propose this?”

“You seem like a reasonable lot compared to the mindless sort we encountered upon entering and halfway into this castle.”

I smiled. Strong, with compassion. A gentleman indeed.

“Give this lady one more gift. It’s an easy one.”

He didn’t open the door to the next chamber just yet.

“What is your name?”


“Trevor.” He looked forward. “Trevor Belmont.”

A man, a human I am not strong enough to consume for myself.

I felt pathetic. But at the same time, I felt elated.

Humans like him exist. Maybe brother’s challenge elevated human capabilities to rise to the occasion.

I dragged myself to my corner in the chamber. The nursing spell will take a decade to have recovered from Trevor’s damage on my body. I had a torn neck and my pair of wings have been almost shredded. That and other countless structural fractures.


I went to rest. Thinking of Trevor. Michael, Raphael, Cael. There’s a human stronger than any of you. I must have him to myself.


It was in each decade that I fought a Belmont who would try to fight against my Brother. In each decade, I was defeated by each vampire hunter from Trevor’s bloodline. Christopher Belmont. Simon Belmont.

All of them showed compassion to me, believing in the same way Trevor did. That I was reasonable enough and knew when to quit, unlike the mindless hordes.


I can’t be strong enough to defeat their bloodline. They are never tempted even when I show myself in the form of women they most desire. Why? Why is this so?

I felt more pathetic than anything. It was another decade until I healed. And another decade until some human revived brother and our fortress from the depths of the underworld.


Come the following summoning, I felt the familiar sensation of a strong human. The smell of the Belmont blood. A blood that smelled so good, I needed to consume it for myself.

I waited for the clan’s next-of-kin to enter.

He was a young man with dark hair. He wore blue armor, which was in opposition to the outfits of his ancestors in earthly and red colors. He bore Trevor’s physical likeness. Indeed, he was one of them, and he was a master of the whip and knife.

I approached him.

“The smell of the Belmont clan’s blood is truly astounding every decade.” I said.

“And every decade, you must have fallen each time under their power”

A snarky retort.

“Name yourself.”

“I am Richter Belmont.” He said proudly “Descendant of Trevor Belmont and Simon Belmont.

“Wielder of the Sacred Whip.”

I smiled. “You do possess the likelihood of your ancestors.

“Care to prove if you’re worth their power?”

He smirks. He suddenly throws a small axe at me. I flew away, darting across the room. Casting spells summoning appearances of myself, the Belmont descendant cuts through them quickly. As expected.

He smacks the whip right next to my wings. I caught and pulled him close to me. My left hand grabbed the heel of his boot about to hit my face and dragged him down so we can see eye-to-eye.

“Remember me?”

I had transformed into the most important captive for Richter; his lover, Annette.



One of my powers is not just to transform, but also to possess the mind of my victim. The power of the earlier Belmonts were astounding, I couldn’t cast my spell quickly enough.

Maybe this was my chance to consume one of them?

In his mental state that I controlled, I appeared as Annette.

“We have to go far away from this castle!” He told me.

I touched his face. “Richter, don’t be hasty.


“I know you’ve been wanting to marry me. But that can wait. All I want is to bear your child.”

I pushed his buttons.

“Pleasure me, my beloved.”

It was hard to shake away from my illusions especially if your senses worked fine in my mini-universe.

I held his crotch and removed it. Richter succumbed to my whims.


You’re mine now.

I grasp his manliness. The glowing scent of youth. Even better than Archangel Michael’s own.

It has been so long, I had almost loathed my brother for doing this to me; for killing all the males.

My tongue has never touched anything this pure in years. No male human can compare to the potency of the Belmonts.

“Annette, no, Annette…”


Richter couldn’t complain. He was powerless against the affections of Annette.

I worked my mouth up and down his manhood. I removed his upper garments and armor.

Finally, a man worthy to pleasure me.

Richter suddenly gripped my hair.

“Richter, what’s  –“

He was the one pulling my face closer, impaling me for his own pleasure. Such fierceness and power.


I quickly submit to his power, to his capabilities.

He suddenly stops and turns me over. Richter begins to run his tongue along my neck.

Yes. Keep doing this. Keep doing this.

I guided his hands to my unpleasured breast. He carressed them affectionately. Soon, his mouth covered the entirety of one tip, then the other, all the while fondling me.

“Yes, yes Richter.” I let out a huge moan.

It has been eons since a male has dominated me, the most powerful female demon of Hell.


I had long forgotten how it feels like. Each touch and caress of this vampire hunter sent jolts down my spine, my body.

He then looked at me as he would look at Annette. “I love you.”

A cliche line used by humans to show affection. But it did feel something weird. Strange.

He suddenly met my lips and touched my face. Even the archangels and demons have never reached a level like this. It would seem that doing this elevates my pleasurable senses. How strange indeed.

Richter then enters my pleasure point, which appears similar to a female human’s womanhood. I let him dominate me. He thrusts inside, then outside. Slowly, then faster.


But with every motion, I can feel his passion for Annette. The love my brother deprived of him. It would seem my nightmare has turned into a dream for him.

I can’t help but feel jealousy either. Was it wrong for a demon to feel this way?

As angels, we were capable of feeling this too. But has all the bloodshed and rage willed it all away?

I can’t let these distract me. The illusions can disappear if I break my concentration.

It was my turn to meet his lips and put him on the ground. I ran my tongue along his mouth. I can taste his blood. I thrust my hips and slowly, then fast, thrust him into myself. His manhood wouldn’t let up; each thrust felt electrifying.

As I went faster, my moans became louder. My tongue felt loose. My eyes felt red. He looked at me with loving eyes. His Annette. At this moment, I was who he loved.

Is this what brother felt with Lisa? Is this what it was?


His pure emotions exploded with passion as I felt his warmth inside of me, filling me, covering me. The first human after years to make me feel this way. The only human to make me feel something — human.

I kept him under my spell. I had to have him, I wanted to consume him. But I wanted him to just exist.

The decision was made for me by his ancestor.

One final kindness, huh?

I released the vampire hunter from my spell and hid in the shadows of my chamber. He shook his head, unable to recall what happened. However, I can tell he felt drained.


Strange enough for me to do, I followed him around the fortress where I saw him make short work of sub-demons. I was curious about the power of the Belmonts.

Or at least that’s what I told myself. I couldn’t bring myself to kill him, but I couldn’t bring myself to let go of him.


A century later, I learned that the Dark Priest Shaft, the human benefactor of Dracula, had trapped and controlled the mind of Richter. It was his revival of Dracula that summoned Alucard from his slumber.

I knew Alucard could kill me in this battle. It wasn’t because I was weaker.

It was because I had already fulfilled my long-time dream.

Before his entry a few weeks later, I saw Richter, still under the influence of Shaft’s mind control, in the throne of my still-hibernating brother.

“What is it, Succubus?” he addressed me.

I knew he would just subject himself to my will. Everything I say, he will follow.

So I just leaned towards him, bent Shaft’s spell with my illusion, and met his lips.


I gave him a gaze that desired him. Surprisingly, he gave me the look he gave Annette.

Except I didn’t look like Annette doing this.

Maybe I was jealous. Maybe there was no pleasure comparable to what he gave.

Maybe he made me wish I was human.

Regardless, I’m dying anyway, and it’s best he saw how much he gave me for doing something so relatively passive. I’ve also got the one up on the Belmonts, so I’m good with that.

I let go of his lips and flew into my chamber, where Alucard will eventually slaughter me relentlessly in my own world of illusion. At long last, after thousands of years.