Any day can be a boring day. If you’re the legendary Hokage ninja of the village, a day without anything to do is harder to defeat than the nine-headed Kurama.

I spend most of my days training my powers. It’s ironic, really. I’ve failed my Shinobi course three times. But even if my willpower alone helped me become the best ninja in history, I have learned that when you reach your dreams, sometimes you need to keep your level of capabilities up.

Unfortunately, you run out of milestones when you begin training. What’s left for a ninja to do?

You notice the things you neglect. One of them is my dick. It’s been a long time since I last saw Hinata. She’s out on an expedition. They’re investigating something rather important, but they didn’t discuss it with me.


All alone in this village, I don’t have much people to talk to. And when your wife leaves you behind for something more important, you want to hold on to that feeling. Until you can’t anymore.

I decided to train with my dick. Of course, I was infamous in my early days for having used the useless “Sexy Technique.” It kinda made me well… the one who was seductive. But that had me curious; I do look hot as a lady, huh? But then again, I’m still a man. I still get hard when I see anything about a lady, especially when I see Lady Tsunade or Temari.

However, who I’m most curious about is Mei Terumi. I’ve always fantasized about her, wearing that off-shoulder outfit that sometimes I wish would fall off. I have a thing for redheads you see, I know she’s not one but she’s steering something up in me and it’s definitely not from Kurumua.. Along with, she’s not exempted from that little fantasies I tend to have.

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In my dreams, I would fantasize about Terumi and her boobs. I would undress her. She would go on top of me.

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Gosh, thinking about this makes my dick go hard. I have an idea; maybe I can do a sneak attack or something?

But that’s a bad thing to do, isn’t it? Besides, is she even in the village?

The only thing wrong here is, the embodiment of my manliness will not bow to my orders. I might just go with my gut… literally, with any lady here.

No, I’ll try to hold out. Let’s see if I can do this for a week.


It’s been a week now. Someone told me Mei is in the village. My thoughts are tingling. Maybe I should cast my Sexy Technique and video myself to amuse myself and my dick. But that’s just narcissistic.


Walking around the village, looking for any threats. However, I think I’m the threat to this village. To make things worse, tons of redhead allied ninjas have just settled down here. They’re a team of lady ninjas, some of them older than me. They remind me of Karin, Kushina, or Kashina. Then again, my manhood longs for Mei. Just mei.

Damn it, redheads.

What do I do? Hinata, have you left me a picture of you just for me, I would have passed through this. But, now, I am powerless. It would seem my dick’s ninjutsu is casting a hypnotic spell on me!

To numb my feelings, I decided to take a drink. Good thing the local tavern has something strong. Rock Lee just left, and he was a bit woozy. But that’s okay, he’s got Kakashi helping him home.

All alone. Nothing to do. I feel like I’m gonna throw up. But not really; I can just cancel that feeling.

Suddenly, those redhead ninjas come flooding into the bar. Woe is me. What do I do? I can’t be left in this state.

It’s as if some ninja is applying some spell on my dick that I can’t control what I want to do.

One of them talks to me. I just say hi. I actually try to shoo them away, acting like a drunk bastard who has had plenty. With some artificial dramatics, I accomplish my goal: leave the bar without doing anything.

Then I throw up. Dinner is served… for the plants. Great fertilizer too.

Then this girl wearing glasses helps me get up. She applies some pressure along my back. I feel kinda okay. But I feel the world revolving. And then I knew I just blacked out before I did.


It smells like someone is burning incense. Am I in the temple? No, this is too well-decorated for the temple.

I see some candles lit. I feel my head a little boxed-in. It’s as if someone is pricking needles on my temples and the sides of my head. I really had myself drown in that moonshine they serve down there.

Nonetheless, a figure opens the wooden door. I barely realized this was a woman’s room.

Oh no.

Just hold on to your training, Naruto. You’re a faithful man. You don’t have any fetishes for redheads, she’s not one either. No, don’t think like that either.


A lady resembling someone in my dreams walks right in. She was wearing a nightgown with a blazer on top of it. She looks like she’s about to sleep.

Damn it. It’s Mei Terumi. Of all the women.

Not that I don’t like her, but a lonely man with a spellbound dick wouldn’t know what to do in this case. If you think that blazer helped calm me down, it’s just making me want to see more.

I guess the alcohol hadn’t really left then.

“Are you alright?” she said, looking at me.


I try to look at her directly as best as I could.

“I… I think so.” I blurt in a hoarse voice. Damn you, ninja moonshine. “I think I can go home now.”

“Look,” Mei walked to a chair near the bed. “You were drunk until you puked your brains out.

“What were you thinking?”

I wanted to say I wasn’t thinking. I wanted to say I have a hard-on I can’t control.

“I miss Hinata. I’ve…” I stopped suddenly. “I feel quite lonely.”

Mei looked at me like she saw a puppy running from the rain. She wasn’t looking at me pitifully. Her eyes had the glint of curiosity.

“Ho, the legendary ninja. Powerful, yet lonely.” She said. “Why so?”

I looked at the floor.

“It’s no fun being the best protector of this realm if you can’t be human.”

“Enlighten me. What do you believe is being a human?”

“To do things humans do,” I said. “When we were kids, it was having fun and being powerful

“It’s just that when you reach your goals, life just gets boring.”

Mei laughed lightly. “So, you don’t have any goals?”

“I have to protect this village.”

“And you have.”

“But… the stress can sometimes be too overwhelming.”

Mei looked at me. She took off her glasses.


“Do you know what adults do when they get stressed?”

I’m an adult. Don’t you think I know?

“Drink it all away.”

“No, not just that.”

She takes off her blazer. Those white, delicate shoulders. Any man would go mad. A drunk man will go mad.


“Train until you just forget about it.”

“No, not at all.”

I know the answer. But I won’t say it.

Mei sits beside me. “You know what it is.”

Indeed, Mei is an older lady than yours truly. She’s mature. But, as ninja training compels you to physically and mentally go beyond your limits, she rivals the body of any fit female teenage ninja.

Except she’s well-endowed.


“There is no cure for loneliness except to create a memorable moment within its infiniteness.” She said.

Lady, you almost died multiple times during the Shinobi Wars. Wait, I also did, too.

She suddenly takes a cloth from the table and dampens it by the small pan beside the bed.

“Let’s clean you up first.”

Mei slowly removes my vest and my inner shirt. She slowly drags around the wet cloth around my body. I feel a cooling and relaxed sensation. Is that cloth soaked in concocted aphrodisiac or am I just drunk enough to feel my dick throbbing like forever?

Besides, why am I letting her do this to me?


“Don’t fight the feeling.” She said. “We’re still human. We have needs. I know I do.”

What are you saying?

She slowly removes my pants. She then dabs the cloth to every part of my lower body.

“Kiss me.” She said.


“Kiss me.” She holds and massages the back of my neck, urging me to lean forward.

An adult kiss. Not that I’m not an adult. But an experienced, adult kiss.

When did you ever love somebody before, Mei?

Her tongue against mine. Feeling the warmth. Feeling the genuineness of exploding emotions. I feel like I’m having a fever, but I know that’s not a fever.

My dick was more than welcoming to her touch. She stroked it gently, feeling its exterior. Smoothly letting her fingers travel from glans to balls.

“Hinata must be so happy with you.”


Why talk about that now? I reached for her chest, feeling her ample bosom underneath the silk of her dress. I feel her nipples grow harder every caress I perform.

What am I doing? I shouldn’t be here. But who can stop the Sexy Technique she’s pulling off?

Mei removes her gown’s straps, revealing her full, slender form. The years have been kind to her.


She bows down and gives my throbbing manhood a kiss, a lick from top to bottom, and wrapping them with her warm lips.

Mei bobbed up and down. As the feeling of alcohol takes off, a new sensation washes over me. Heat, perspiration, anxiety, and excitement. The confusing state of one who has a conflict between mind and body.


Each movement she makes, my body dances. This is a lady who knows what she’s doing. She understands that speed is an important factor. She knows when to slow down and hasten her actions.

I spin her around and put her in the pillow. The legendary strength of the Kurama taking over me, I bury myself on her neck. I hear her welcoming purrs of pleasure, urging me to go on, go lower, fondle her sensitive chest with my lips. Stimulate her womanhood with my abilities.

Later on, her womanhood drowned my throbbing erection into a sea of unimaginable warmth and pleasure. I could not hold myself back anymore. I don’t know whether I’ll take responsibility for my actions, but I must have what I have in this moment.

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Because this is the cure for my loneliness for now. Because any longer and a man can truly turn insane.

My movements start slowly and hastily. Her welcoming moans grow stronger each thrust. I feel her hips moving along with me. I can hear her welcoming it, gripping my shoulders, burying her nails. I can feel her breathe against my neck.

I turn her around. Lying prone, she welcomed me with moist tenderness. How long have I imagined to have this feeling? How long have I had such strong connection to the color of red? I pull against her long, crimson hair. She had no complaints, only acceptances.

She uttered about doing it harder. Faster. Slower. In my drunken state, I can last for an entire evening. But in my state of physical loneliness, pleasure was a priority rather than performance.

It was an unanticipated explosion. We kept panting, unable to fathom what happened. I buried myself on her shoulders, the smell of a woman embracing me.

How long has it been until I felt this alive? For how long, I wonder.

“How does it feel?” Mei panted with a gentle purr.

I kept panting. “Like a human.”

I felt her smile as I buried myself on her shoulders.

“Every person must unload themselves of their burden once in a while.” she said, so I activated my Six Paths Sage Mode

naruto-fullforce naruto-fullforce2

turned her around in full force..


“You have done enough to give more than your life for this realm as we all have. It’s time for you to feel what you’re truly worth, and what this realm can truly give you.”

I stayed there, wanting to stay in this moment, wanting to forget about everything. But we both knew it was just a passing in time, an anomaly, but a necessary one.


Mei Terumi and her team of ninjas have left the city after official reports have come in. She never said goodbye at all. By the next day, Hinata would be returning from her journey with our children. I couldn’t be any happier.

Sitting by the porch I habitually use daily, I saw a small note written on a piece of paper.

“Remember to live. You have done enough right for all of us. The pleasure was all mine.”

There was a kiss mark just underneath the note.

Time to scan the woods again today. Just like always.











..and i’m at it again. To be continued. (285)