I became a legendary Hokage ninja after the Shinobi War. Since my childhood, I have fought my way into the affections of people around me. If you’re the jinchuriki of the Kurama when you were born, then people believe you’re going to grow like a mindless powerful demon.

Indeed, many of the villagers didn’t like my existence. I trained hard, yet flunked several times. But all of that is in the past now. I have helped this world regain its peace following the Fourth Shinobi War. I have won the acceptance of everyone around me.

I have even won the love of my life’s heart, Hinata. The feeling of acceptance. The feeling of being cared for. All that was forfeited from me long ago.

However, there’s still a fleeting feeling that tells me this is not enough. Do I have a complex for attention? Possibly. If so, then that would explain why I need to keep my hands not just to myself.

My relationship with Hinata in bed is almost non-existent following her delivery of our two beautiful children. Unfortunately, even if I keep my straight face as the world’s savior and village protector, I can never truly realize intimacy without the actual act of intimacy.

Perhaps it is because of my sexual deviance that Hinata drew away from me. Maybe she still believed the Nine-Tails thing they all did when I was young. She was the first girl to love me indirectly after talking to me as one of the bullied kids. Karina, Kushina, Kashina hated me because their parents did. I can’t blame them; they believe I’m the embodiment of this village’s destroyer, Kurama.

People have limits, I know. But why is it that I really need more from Hinata even up to her breaking point?

Realizing that I don’t want to break Hinata, I let our relationship in bed dissipate. This led me to other curiosities that others might enjoy. Fu, with her golden skin and striking mint green hair is one of my favorites.

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But perhaps one of the most unexpected things to happen was Lady Tsunade’s true nature. Everyone regarded her as an authority. She is indeed a powerful ninja. But what is a powerful ninja to do if they are on top of their game?Top101Hentai.com-Naruto-Hentai-Gifs (186)

Lostagingneliness on top. It’s something I understand very well. Being a hero isn’t all about the glory, valor, and recognition; it alienates you from most of society.

It was one evening while drinking the tavern’s moonshine that I saw Lady Tsunade alone.

She had her own cup. She seemed to be struggling with her own troubles. As the Tavern emptied, I took the chance to converse with her.

Formalities and congratulations. The hero, the strongest ninja, the Seventh Hokage. That was all me.

She said she always had seen me as a problem, but I was more to her now. She then asked me a funny question:

“Naruto, why is it lonely when you become an authority of your own domain? When things are always in proper order?”

I seem to know the answer to that question.

“Because there is a lack of struggle. Without variety, our lives are always on a straight line. In short, we don’t have any interesting details to act upon.”

She smiled. She told me what gives me variety and if it was Hinata and our children.

Automatically, I said, of course and defending the village.

“But peacetime makes you curious about other things, no?”

“Like what?”

She stared at me.

“Ninjas have one enemy they can never ever conquer: themselves and curiosity.”

I looked at my half-filled cup of moonshine.

“What is it you’re curious about, Lady Tsunade?”

She stared out the window into the moon’s shining light.

“How long it has been since I have followed someone’s orders below authority.”

Someone of her stature, indeed. She craves the chance to become a follower. To be someone who is a soldier instead of a leader.

She stared at me.

“No one in this village dares to tread on me because I am an authority. That is part of my role and of course, part of my responsibility.

She stares downwards.

“But it also limits the number of people who can get to know my real self. No one to confide to. No one to trust.”

As drunk as I’ll ever be to say it, I said “you can trust me.”

She stared at me.

“Can I trust you to do something for me, Naruto?”

I nodded. Or so I think since I’ve had too much to drink.

She took my hand and walked with me into the village.


“This is your quarters,” I said.

She then went into a room and came out carrying some rope.

“Naruto, when you have too much freedom, what do you crave next?”

I thought only of contrast “To follow some rules?”


She showed the rope to me.

“I want you to strip me. I want you to tie me so good, I can’t escape or move at all.”

Drunken people are prone to follow orders. So I did take care to tie her like I would one of our rival clan prisoners.

The funny thing was, she told me to tie it as tight as I possibly can.


I can see her bouncing breasts protruding from the spaces between the ropes. Her buttocks were compressed that it protruded unnaturally yet satisfyingly great to my eyes.

“Now, this is my last request”

I nodded.

“You will give me orders from here onwards.”

She looked straight at me.

“I will do everything you ask of me.”Top101Hentai.com-Naruto-Hentai-Gifs (29) (101)

A schoolboy ninja I was, Lady Tsunade’s figure always gave me that feeling of wanting to grab her chest or butt. She had the right curves. She was always beautiful. Blonde, bright, authoritative, attractive.

Being this close to her, she smelled really good. It was my first time. I looked back at that boy, shunned by this woman. I wanted her intimacy. I wanted to know the secrets of her body.

Taking off my clothes, I began to put my lips on her neck. She began to moan at the slightest touch.

“It has been so long since I felt this.” She said quietly.

I walked my lips down to the tips of her chest. Caressing them with my tongue, feeling them rise up to the sensation that has long been bereft for them. Lady Tsunade continued moaning, touching my head, urging me to go onward.

However, I was not one to follow orders.

I made her feel the pleasure of my manhood without going inside. A tease, for myself, and for her.

“Please, I want you, I need you.”

Still, I kept teasing, seeing her get aroused, seeing her river of pleasure continue to flourish.

I kept her wanting, waiting, become frustrated and exasperated.

The pleasure follows after the pain.

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Inside was everything I imagined it would be and more. I grabbed her chest as I thrust myself into her as deep as I can. It must have been so long in the past that Lady Tsunade has felt this way. Tsunade Senju, a woman of power, and a woman longing for pleasure from a life of formalities and leadership.

She is in the palm of my hand.

She moved her hips in motion to mine.

Suddenly, I pull myself out from her.

“What are you doing?”

I place my hard manhood right in front of her. Realizing what she needs to do, she does it wantonly. I am left curious as to who was the last man to touch her. Because she performed surprisingly well for someone who wouldn’t suspect.

I placed myself in the middle of her chest. I squeezed her chest to create a narrow passageway that would give me pleasure. I thrust continuously, not caring about her pleas to give her womanhood the pleasure of my orgasm.

I kept going until I reached my own pleasure. Yet in my drunken state, as Hinata knows, this would not end here.

I gave her what she wants after she has given me mine. Her fluctuating sense of pleasure gave way to more opportunities for herself to show her real face.

I kept on going. Everything continued on and on. I tirelessly went and tightened the rope to her pleasure. She moaned for me to keep going, but denial has given her the most pleasure. Her face gave me flashbacks of my moment with Hotaru in the woods. Damn, blondes are really good.

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I knew Lady Tsunade would soon break. My deviance was difficult to contain, even for myself. Cloning myself gave her the most pleasure, but even more painful methodologies had seemed to make her more unaccepting and assuming of her role as an authority.


Believing it was the end of my capability to give her what she wants, and having reached my own as well, we decide to keep all our eventful meetings a secret.

I will continue to keep longing for someone’s intimacy that can contain my own. While Lady Tsunade, or Tsunade, just looks at me with her authoritative eyes, the glimmer in them was never lost. In fact, I sometimes falsely believe she still wants to at least return to it, after all, the absence of something heightens the longing.

But this is just one of the tales of a pervy, devious ninja can tell you at the moment.