If you’d ask any male you know, then you’d know they all have secrets. I know each person has a secret. It’s that dark little snarky snake creeping in your unconscious every evening or during any idle moment of any day.

I have plenty of secrets. Ninjas live in secret. But that does not exempt them from having secrets.

**Side note

One of my secrets is I can be deviant when it comes to my sexuality. I know you’ll say “but Naruto, you’re already a married guy! Hinata loves you and you got two kids! And you have awesome sex with her!”

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But what life have you got to live if you’re the strongest ninja alive? In fact, what use are your abilities during peacetime?

They become a source of entertainment. And entertainment is not a fickle thing; in fact, it’s about understanding the world around you more and more.

Pleasure is something ninjas are trained to discard during their training. However, even the masters know that pleasure is an enemy more difficult to defeat than the conflicting clans during the Shinobi war. It is the hardest foe that you cannot defeat unless you have a higher goal in life.

My highest goal has been reached. Just like everyone says, when you’re on top of your game, the top is as lonely as they say.

When you’ve won the prettiest girl’s heart and her entire body, you need a new goal. And everyone knows no one is perfect. But in vast quantities, you can create that perfection you seek. And indeed, the lifespan of that perfection does not last either.


But variety is the spice of life. And I’m all about variety. I enjoy defeating multiple foes with interesting abilities.

I also enjoy affections of different proportions. Maybe from Kushina. Or possibly from Karina. But I never get to make the choice; the choice is made for me.

It was one cold night when Tenten asked me if she can improve her ninjutsu. She’s a great warrior with technical skills along with her perfect accuracy. But both of us realize she needs to improve her ninja skills too.

After many failed attempts to improve her ninjutsu, she came to me crying. She asks me what is wrong with her capability to learn? Was it the lack of focus? The lack of understanding?

But everyone knows Tenten is as locked to herself as she is to others. She does not show her true emotions. Her mask is thicker than any armor. Her willpower is thicker than anything.

Telling her that her raw feelings have been masked for too long, she tells me she lacks a confidant, a friend, her own pleasure. While no one intends to make things personal and intimate, when you become the object of pleasure to a person in the simplest way of just confiding, you will become their object of lust.


Tenten approached me in my room when Hinata was away on patrol one day. She was wearing her normal clothes. I was barely dressed because it was early in the morning. She asked me if she can undress all her feelings about the world and herself.

I never realized undress was a foreshadowing part of the dialogue.

She has been held back for too long. The way she threw herself to me, willingly enslaved herself to seeking the pleasure from her object of satisfaction and confidence, it was what she always wanted..


It was satisfying to see her true smile after each thrust of satisfaction that I can deliver. Was I being professional? Maybe. If this can help her learn herself better, then maybe I’m not doing anything wrong.

But we both knew that each thrust bore a responsibility that only the two of us should know about.

We met in secret weekly. After her training, I would sneak into her room while Hinata was on night watch. I myself derived pleasure. She was as young as me, as impulsive and reckless.

Yet her smooth thighs, slender body, and satisfying womanhood kept me going back for more.

Top101Hentai.com-Naruto-Hentai-Gifs (4120)Definitely, it will put me in a bad spot if I myself have become unprofessional. Tenten realized this as well. She was not as well-endowed as the rest, but it is her innocence and willpower to know herself that keeps me thrusting deeper inside her and following her rhythms.

I was the only one who saw her true smile. The smile of satisfaction and tranquility, not just the smile of camaraderie.

But this is just one of my secrets…



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Temari was always one to talk about how weak I was during training. In fact, she always speaks her mind. She’s headstrong, but she’s also wise. But everyone knows that what strength you show outside is not the one you show inside.

Ninjas believe in three faces:

The one you believe as yourself.

The one you show to others.

And the one you never show to others.

Everyone stays away from Temari because she talks so much truth. Sometimes, you have to believe in a lie.

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Once, in a heated discussion, I had to bog down her opinion on a matter because we needed to keep things wrapped before we began an operation. She was never one to hide the truth.

Unfortunately, she did. And as leader of her team, I needed to have a one-on-one with her.


You can guess that with a headstrong girl, you needed to treat them like men sometimes. In sparring, I challenged her to try and withhold her headstrong attitude and look at the bigger picture if I defeated her. Upon agreement, her recklessness proved to be her downfall.

But one thing about Temari is that she’s a realist. But that’s also a mask she wears: being a down-to-earth and real person. The true Temari is one of insecurities.

In a spat, she realizes that everything I said about her is true. That she only cares about being right because she has always been and everyone agrees with it. But if she was right, she wouldn’t care for the comment of someone who doesn’t believe.

But knowing she did, then we see her third face: the one she doesn’t reveal.

Temari spent days not interacting with me even during operations. It was just one night during our night patrol that she told me to stand in front of her to talk. I told her what have we to talk about if there’s nothing really fruitful about it.

She told me that I was right. That her realness is limited. She is just the contrast-to-everyone’s opinion because, while it felt cool, she also believed it was right to see the other side of things.

She also thanked me. Upon my asking, she elaborated that no one had understood her better than I did.

And, once again, when you become the object of confidence and realization to a person, you also become their object of lust.

In the maintenance shed, she led me, telling me that she couldn’t stop thinking about me and she had to do what she had to do.

This involved undressing me and looking at my third face: the one that has thought of devious things to females in this place.

She asked me to show this third face that Hinata had seen. The one that involves lusting after her desirably-slender body. Taking in the scent of her beautiful blonde hair. Caressing her ample and firm bust that urged her to moan as I fondled them.


I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t even know why I gave in to this.

But it is a rare opportunity to see someone’s third face. If it’s worth helping her realize that not everyone is hiding from her, maybe then she can become a better person.

I was surprised to know that Temari has been untouched. That I was the first. The warmth I felt urged me to be gentle, but I know I couldn’t hold back. Temari’s eyes glistened in the moonlight, washed in the feeling of someone sharing the absolute, pleasurable truth of our nature.

She kept tightening her grip, digging her nails along my back. I lifted her shirt and pleasured her slender, firm breasts. She was smooth. No man has been able to touch her. Except myself.

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How many genuine smiles can you see from your female friends? Can you even trust the smile of your childhood friends even if you’ve seen them countless times? The only truth you see is if you have had the chance to see them enjoy the most carnal of pleasures together with you.

For men, love between them during trying periods when a life-or-death struggle is imminent. It is impossible to love a man without understanding his nature and struggle. There is no sexual tension between men. The only way to win respect is to trust and fulfill one’s duty to another man. This is a carnal pleasure in itself: the ability to know a person’s true nature by danger.

But it is easier to know the souls of women you interact with if you can see through their masks and into their real face. It is a satisfying goal that I myself understand how to do without force. With men, fighting together brings about the unspoken love for one another.

With women, it is in intimacy that you realize the truth of your relationship and their personality.

Being unfaithful is not always about finding carnal pleasures, but rather the satisfaction of your curiosity about what makes a person tick. And with me are the secrets of men and women that I will never divulge. I have yet to die being the strongest Hokage ninja in existence, but I will take these secrets with me to my grave.