There’s a reason why I like redheads too much. You might say it’s not so because Hinata isn’t even a redhead. It’s fair that you think I’m colorblind. However, I’m not. I love Hinata, I really do.

In fact, everyone knows there’s a difference between love and lust. I can just say I lust after redheads. Yeah, Karin and Kashina are some of the lady ninjas I really have some sort of fetish with. Not because of their endowments, but because they have red hair.

If you’d ask me, I wish there was a time-travel ninjutsu. Sure, Tobirama could cast a space-time ninjutsu that allows him to teleport things. But that’s teleporting; what I want is to turn back time and meet my parents.

top101hentai-naruto-kushinaEvery day, I look at my mom’s photo, Kushina. When she and dad sealed off Kurama inside me, I will never know her love. In fact, I have been longing for that love and concern for almost an entire lifetime. I know that I’ll never be able to turn it back, to kiss or to hug my parents.

I had never weaned off my mother either. But you know, a man like me wonders what it would be like to meet my mother.

There was one time I was almost condemned for stealing the Scroll of Seals. Damn Mizuki said I’d pass if I learned one technique from it. Yet I did. But circumstances beyond me, I failed to notice if there were other spells that involved time-travel. Maybe there was, maybe there wasn’t.

Then a brilliant thought struck me: break in and steal the Scrolls again. This time, I read it thoroughly.


It’s not a difficult feat for a legendary Seventh Hokage to actually sneak in and steal the Scrolls. Unlike my childhood days, I have become adaptable and adept in many skills. This is what they call being an adult.

Unfortunately, being an adult gives you several other responsibilities. It also makes the old kind of childhood fun not fun at all. You desire other things that give you pleasure. You desire to have a wife. You desire to fulfill your biological needs, like making love, for instance.

Was it familial or platonic love I have for my mother? How long do I stare at her photos on a daily basis? She and dad. I look so much like my dad. Sometimes, I imagine it was I in his place on the photographs.

And creeps me out thinking that mom and I look so good together. Or does it?

I have to say that I never really wanted to make things that strange at all. But when your body has a mind of its own whenever you see your mother, rather your mother’s young photograph when she was the same age as you, you think of things.

You wish you held her hand. You wish you were there to love her. Without any history of her personality, you create a pastiche of identities from people whose traits you desire. As that embodiment, she becomes the perfect emotional totem in your life.

However, even if you have a fictional account of a person’s history, without a reference to reality, you hold on to that as truth. And you form a certain desire to make this person real; to make them whole.

If I can’t go back in time to meet my mother and confirm if she is who I think she is based on my interpretation, then I can create someone like her. There must be a ninjutsu spell to do that too.


Fortunately, there is a spell to travel back in time. The time-travel seal is written in a similar manner as the first ninjutsu I studied from this scroll in my childhood.


Now, the question is, am I ready to meet my mother? When do I want to meet her? Do I intervene in her relationship with my father?

I hadn’t thought this part through. What does my mother really mean to me? Do I like her as a mother, or do I like her as my lover?

top101hentai redhead

Having created a collated number of personalities to step in her name, I couldn’t focus on whether to look at her as something beyond an object of my imagination.

Picture this: you’ve been imprisoned your whole life thinking who your mother is that you have fallen in love with the very idea of that person in your head that it transcends the real one when you see him or her.

I believe that’s what’s going to happen.


The village is a bit younger than it was. The Senju clan members were as young as me! Most of my friends haven’t existed yet. I walked into town. Obviously, they were wary of me, a new face in town. Or maybe my father was here and they thought I was his brother.

Nevertheless, the uniform has indeed remained standard. Walking around the markets, the tavern, the village square, I didn’t my mother. Where could Kushina be?

Instead, I took the time to look at how beautiful the village was. We only saw the aging versions of the sculptures. Everything looked as if they were drawings or sculptures in a book.

“Beautiful isn’t it”

I turned to my back.

“This village, powerful, yet elegant. It has yet to tire itself of its appearance.”

If you only knew how it looked like, then you’d know how it looked like when it was older.

Turning to face the entire presence of the person conversing, I saw her long her, beautiful eyes, smiling face, and her welcoming charm.


“I didn’t see you there,” I said, my voice stuttering a bit. There is a certain shock to seeing a person you’ve longed for so many years to meet.

“It’s alright.” She hands me a jug. “Thirsty?”

I almost consumed the entire container’s contents. I was truly hungry and thirsty after casting that time-travel spell.

My mother was beautiful. She had her distinct red hair. She had a slender yet feminine figure. She was endowed in all the right ways.

It was difficult to turn my attention away from her.

“What’s your name?”


She smiled. “That’s a really nice name. You’re surely new in town, huh?”


“Want me to show you around? There are more amazing views elsewhere aside from this lookout.”

Then she checked her bootlaces.

“However, you’re going to need to chase me to get to them. If that’s okay with you?”

You’re talking to the Seventh Hokage. I can virtually fly, you know.


We saw each site I was familiar with. But our home, the house I was told we used to live, was not yet in existence. If that’s the case, then indeed, I succeeded in traveling through time before my father arrived in the village.

Chasing my mom felt like I was a child again. I used to chase my foster parents in the village as a young boy. But this felt different; she was blood. She was my kin. She was my mother.

It was a stupid feeling of course. But I am nostalgic for something that never existed; that should never have existed.

Yet here I am, a paradox in time.

Kushina led me to her home. As the Uzumakis were often on expeditions, she was left alone to train her powers as an honorable member of the clan. Oh, mother, if I can only tell you I am your child. You would be proud as to where I have brought our honorable name.

“More water?”

I gulped down the glass she sent me.

“Some food?”

This is nice. My mother cooking for me. Being able to eat my mother’s cooking. I never experienced that. Not that the food in my own timeline is bad, but there’s a different touch when it’s your mother’s cooking.

We ate together.

“So, where did you come from?” She asked.

“I come from far away.”

“Why did you travel into this town?”

“I needed to investigate this village because I’ve no place to stay,” I said.

“In fact, I’ve been quite lost because my village was burnt down.

White lies. I can’t disrupt the timeline as an anomaly.

“I see. I’m sorry about your village.” She looked downward after taking a spoonful.

Her eyes suddenly brightened up.

“Say, won’t you want to become stronger so you can protect this village?”

I already did, mom. You would have been proud.

“I took my training from a master,” I said, then paused.

“Are you proposing I stay in this village?”

She smiled. “It would be quite a pleasure to see you around here. In fact, you’re not bad at all.”

“I like you.”



“There’s something about you that just feels familiar…” She said. “It’s just that it feels right when I’m with you.”

Why do I like redheads, you say? Most of them are charmers, including my mom.


She invited me to the tavern because she doesn’t want to cook. This era’s chef made a great meal that smelled as it tasted good. I wish someone in the future was a descendant of this person. But then again, that would mean disrupting the fabric of time.

I saw in this tavern young Lady Tsunade. She was still as attractive and physically charming as she usually is. I even saw Tobirama. It’s like looking at old but moving photos of their younger selves.


But what I like most is seeing my mother in full color, beauty, and appearance. There’s one thing I never really inherited from her.

She’s weak with moonshine.

After having two cups, she asked me what I liked in a girl.

“I like redheads. I like warriors. I like headstrong, stubborn, yet gentlewomen.”

“Woohoo, lucky me!” she said, quavering a little.

“Why so?”

“Well, I’m a redhead, for one.” She leaned her head on her hands. “I’m a fierce warrior. And my father says I’m stubborn.”

“Are you now?”

“If you can take me down in a fight, then you’d know how tough I train.”

“Maybe not now,” I said. “What if you beat me in drinking?”

“Ha! Let’s go.”

As I said, she was weak with her alcohol.


I had to take her home on my shoulders. It would seem everyone leaving the tavern was drunk as is. If everyone had grave responsibilities in the morning, then they’d really hate the hangover.

I know I would.

My head was throbbing after I lay her in her upstairs bedroom. Who knew my mom often lived alone because the Uzumakis had to do some political errands? Life must be lonely.


She must have been lonely as me.

Looking at her drunken figure, thoughts get into my head. But I had to fight them; I love my mother. I’m glad I met her. I’m glad I could talk to her. That’s all I need. I’ll leave and cast the ninjutsu and make this a loving memory that while her personality is as close as I thought it would be, she is far more amazing than anything I imagined.

I also had to leave before she becomes someone I desire and lust for. It’s a difficult feeling to explain; growing up without a mother, I have no concept of a mother’s love, except a significant other’s love, like Hinata’s feelings for me.

I was about to go. I felt a tug on my sleeve.

“Don’t go yet.” She said quietly. “Don’t leave me alone. I love this new town now because of you.”

“But I don’t have a reason to stay.”

She tried to sit up, but can’t.

“Me. Why not me?”

Do I or do I not tell her who I am. No, whatever happens, I cannot let her know who I am.

“I still need to go. And yes, I like you.”

What did I just say? I did mean I like her as my mother, right?

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at me.

“But why do you have to go?”

“Because I can’t stay. I have a duty to perform.”

She stared hard. She frowned, then smiled immediately.

“If you can’t stay, then at least give me something to remember by. I’ll then know if you’ve returned to this village. Promise me you’ll come back after you’ve done your duty?”

It was false hope to say yes. But then again, you will meet dad, who’s better than me. And I’ll be with you, in a different way. It’s only I who loses because I would never see you again after this.

I gave in.

“Yes, yes I will.”

She pulled me closer to her. She held my face and pulled it gently to her. Our lips met.

What is happening?

Her kiss was as innocent as my first romantic encounter. Yet it was something that was sure. There feels a degree of honestly each time my tongue passes through hers. I closed my eyes.

My mother. My lover. My foundation.

I held the back of her neck and kissed her amorously in an aggressive manner. She did not resist. Her head landed on her bed. I took off my vest as I ran my lips to her neck.

This is the last time I’ll ever feel and see my mother again. It doesn’t matter anymore.


She pulled off her own vest. Kushina then removed her underclothes.

Proving that she is truly a warrior, with her strength, she pulled me down and took off everything I was wearing from my waist down.

Her lips ran from my neck down to my chest. Her aggressiveness was interlaced with infectious young romanticism and lust combined. It was spectacular. It was something I never imagined.

Her lips ran from the roots to the tip of my manhood. I could not resist. Mother, who had you loved before my father and I? Is this all instinctive? Curiosity? Desire? Alcohol?

Whatever it was, it felt good, and it was not letting up at all. Each movement she makes gives my body a jolt I have long forgotten. Not even Hinata can reach this level of intimacy and pleasure that I can feel now.

Oh mother. Oh, Kushina. Why did we have to be mother and son?

Inside of her was a feeling of warmth and tightly-packed emotions that I could not describe. The sensation to her body must be as similar to mine. Maybe even more. Has my mother always been lonely? Has the Uzumakis left you to train and be strong all the time?

I’m here to love you mom. I’m here so you won’t be alone. (145)Each thrust made me long for more. Our aggressive and instinctive movements can never betray what we feel. The confusion in my head is simultaneously growing and shrinking. My mother is the woman I most love. However, she is mostly my lover, my intimate partner, the only woman who can pleasure me in this way. moans were ringing. I grasp her firm and ample chest, caressing their beautifully-erect tips, which only led to more purrs of pleasure and excitement.

The smell of her hair is something I never imagined I would experience in my lifetime. She was fragrant even under the musk of moonshine. She was beautiful even in her most distressed appearance. Seeing Kushina’s smile of pleasure is a different thing altogether. (113)

Will I remember this? Will I recall the ecstatic explosion of our own making inside of her? The experience thereof? The stimulating heavy breathing and wanton lust I have so preserved inside of me? Is it wrong to love your own mother before she knows you are her son?
I have no time to question my actions anymore. What matters is, I know my mother loves me. Maybe not as her son yet, but this kind of love is all I needed to complete my life.

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“Will you always remember me when you go?” She was still holding my hand.
I knew I would. I know I would, always.


She smiled. “I want to really meet you again someday. I want to take care of you. I want to always be with you.” you always were mom. In a different way perhaps. Experiencing your love firsthand is a different thing too, something I will always treasure.

“Me too. I will always treasure this memory with you.”

She smiled. In a few minutes, she fell asleep.

That was my queue to cast the time-travel ninjutsu.

I will never be able to explain this feeling to myself at all. They say loving your mother is correct and lusting over them is not. But I never felt a biological connection with her, not until now.

Accelerating through the timeline of events, I saw that she had met my father, Minato, after the years she waited for me to return. She said she liked him because of his blonde hair that reminded her of someone very special to her but had never returned.

I knew my dad was always better than me, he would definitely overpower her memories of me. As the final repository of all her memories and feeling she had for me, she named their first son Naruto. Indeed, it was poetic justice at least for my intervention in (or creation of) our family.

I shed strange a tear. Maybe more than just a single tear was what I did. Was it all the sensation of realizing I’ll never meet her again? Was it the longing and lusting for her body.

I decided that it was because I can never disrupt the memory of my mother again. Because I’ll never use this ninjutsu again out of genuine feelings for her as a son and as her lover.

Goodbye, Kushina. My mother. My love.

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