The Quest for Hikari is a fantasy hentai anime that follows the story of a hugely perverted man named, Rance. Rance is tasked to find the daughter of a guild owner and protect her at all costs. Rance travels to complete his task together with his sex slave, Sill. The Quest for Hikari is a great hentai anime to watch when you’re up for a hentai show that focuses a bit more on the story.

The Quest for Hikari is quite different than most hentai shows I’ve encountered mainly because it is story-driven. There are less sexual encounters in this series compared to most hentai titles that are available on the market.

There are at least one to three sexual encounter scenes per episode. Though a few in number compared to the usual “fuck me now, fuck me five seconds later” production approach, these few sexual encounter scenes are well worth the watch. They are beautifully animated in a way that you could enjoy both the art-style and the stimulating sex scenes.

Now this is quite rare in hentai. As a rule of thumb, hentai producers concentrate on the sex scenes and key animation points that would entice the viewer to continue watching; this includes the animations used in facial expressions, body movements, and the intercourse itself.

Art and Animation

The Quest for Hikari actually exceeded my expectations. At first, I wasn’t expecting such a lovely art-style but something more “dungeon” or something along the lines of Bible Black; but I was wrong.

The Quest for Hikari definitely excelled in its delivery of the animation: the limited sexual encounter scenes were extremely well-made, character designs were a bit typical but had really cute and hot twists, the backgrounds were just adorable.

The Quest For Hikari – Episode 1

Sound and Voicing

Compared to most hentai titles that are available in the market, The Quest for Hikari actually did a good job picking such great music. The sexual encounter background music was definitely a stunner – it actually makes you feel horny a few seconds in; it’s really fucking magical.

The voice actresses actually did a very god job, especially Sill’s! A shout out to Sill’s voice actress, Tatsumi Yuiko, as she did a wonderful job sounding so erotic in this great hentai series!

Yuiko, despite being a hentai character, delivered her lines and moans correctly and sexily! Now, I can’t look at Suminoe Riko (Kiss x Sis) straight in the eye!

The Quest for Hikari OVA1.mkv_thumbs

Story and Relief

The Quest for Hikari doesn’t just work on its story-telling but also on how it is executed. There were a few scenes where I felt could have been done better but these scenes are basically just insignificant scenes.

The comedy that ships with this hentai series is top-notch, I couldn’t count how many times I’ve forgotten The Quest for Hikari is actually a hentai series. The comedy derailed me and made me think that this show is an anime and not hentai.

That confused the fuck out of me when the usual Rance-Sill sexual scenes came popping out.


The Quest for Hikari isn’t your typical hentai anime series. It’s one of those hentai series that you would want to watch while sitting on a couch with a bag of chips because it MAINLY focuses on its storyline and less on the sexual encounters.

Though The Quest for Hikari is, indeed, a hentai show and that its main character is a despicable perverted asshole, it is quite soothing that Rance is also quite the good person inside despite Sill’s existence as a slave and some other forced sexual encounters he had.

The Quest for Hikari is not vanilla hentai despite the fact that it has no rape or violent sex scenes. The Quest for Hikari focuses more on sudden sexual encounters and this might disappoint people that was kind of deceived by its official synopsis.

The Quest for Hikari is definitely not for everyone. The hentai series includes slavery and forced sex – but not rape – and anyone who is totally against that should stay away from this series. I know a few people who said it was awesome, but skipped scenes, especially those of Rance’s and Sill’s.

The Quest for Hikari, despite its underlying themes and subliminal messaging, is an instant recommendation from me. With great art-style, amazing directing, really erotic voice actresses, sexy yet not overly seductive character designs, and engaging story; I doubt anyone would want to miss this. The Quest for Hikari is a great hentai show to watch.

(Anime adaptation of the 2013 remake of the 1989 AliceSoft adult PC game Rance 01.)

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